Local Professional Development Committee

The purpose of the ESC of Lake Erie West Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC) is to:

  • create policies and procedures that assist professional, licensed staff members focus on appropriate goals for professional growth;
  • pre-approve proposed professional development activities; and
  • validate CEUs prior to application for licensure renewal.

All licensed educators should have an Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP) in place with the LPDC in order to maintain appropriate licensure. Activities completed without an IPDP in place will not count towards licensure renewal.

Professional pupil services licenses (e.g. audiologist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, speech-language pathologist, social worker, school nurse) require credentialing through related licensure boards to maintain ODE licensure. Individuals with these licenses do not need to have an IPDP and do not renew through the LPDC.

Teachers with Resident Educator Licenses are not covered by the LPDC until they receive their five year professional license. At that time, they follow all the LPDC processes to renew their license.

The LPDC meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 3:45 at the ESC of Lake Erie West, 2275 Collingwood, Toledo, OH 43620 unless there is a conflict with the school calendar.

If you would like materials to be considered by the LPDC for approval, they should be submitted to the committee chair no later than the Friday before the next meeting.

The LPDC HANDBOOK contains complete information about the LPDC processes and guidelines.  It is reviewed and updated annually in August.

Complete list of LPDC forms and when to use them.

It is the responsibility of each educator to:

Be Informed:

  • Meet license renewal requirements in a timely manner
  • Know the professional development and renewal requirements for educator licensure, including the significance of licensure issuance and expiration dates
  • Choose coursework and other professional development activities that reflect the principles of high quality professional development
  • Know school and/or district goals

Abide by LPDC Operating Procedures:

  • Follow the LPDC procedures, criteria and timelines for reviews of IPDPs, coursework and other professional development activities
  • Submit the IPDP for LPDC approval as soon as possible after receiving a new or renewed license
  • Obtain LPDC approval of the IPDP before engaging in professional development for licensure renewal. Professional development activities that are completed either before or outside the scope of an approved IPDP will not be accepted for licensure renewal.

Maintain Records

  • Keep records of all licensure and LPDC transactions, particularly the LPDC review and approval of an IPDP, coursework and other professional development activities

All educators should thoughtfully consider the goals they write on their Individual Professional Development Form (IPDP) taking into consideration:

  • LPDC guidelines and procedures (see LPDC Handbook);
  • a process of self assessment on their individual strengths and weaknesses;
  • the priorities of their school/district;
  • the needs of their job; and
  • specific career goals.

To complete a process of self assessment, we suggest using either the OTES SELF ASSESSMENT or the OPES SELF ASSESSMENT. Please note, however, that the OTES/OPES self assessment is designed to create annual goals and the goals on your IPDP should be long range (i.e. five year) goals.

Individual Professional Development Plan - Educators (Note: this form is a fillable Word form. Please download to your computer to complete.)

  • All goals on the IPDP should be written as SMART goals.
  • Need help writing your SMART goals, take a look at:

Individual Professional Development Plan - Administrators (Note: this form is a fillable Word form. Please download to your computer to complete.)

  • All goals on the IPDP should be written as SMART goals.

Individual Professional Development Plan - Treasurer (Note: this form is a fillable Word form. Please download to your computer to complete.)

  • All goals on the IPDP should be written as SMART goals.

Complete list of forms and when to use them.

Please note that all forms on this page are word fillable forms and should be downloaded to your computer to complete.

Some professional development activities require preapproval by the LPDC (see LPDC Handbook) in order to count towards license renewal. To receive pre-approval and CEU credit you complete the following forms:

Some activities do not issue a contact hour certificate. In those cases, please complete one of the following forms and attach any available documentation (e.g. registration form, agenda) to document the amount of time spent.

It is strongly encouraged that each individual keep track of their professional development activities as they are completed in order to submit their activities to the LPDC in an organized manner when it is time to renew their license. For those purposes, use of the following forms on an ongoing basis is strongly encouraged.

If a request is rejected by the LPDC, the educator will be given the reason(s) for the rejection in writing. If an educator wishes to appeal a decision of the Local Professional Development Committee, they should follow the procedures outlined in the LPDC Handbook.

If for any reason you feel that you have a special circumstance surrounding specific professional development activities in which you would like the LPDC to consider waiving a guideline, you can also file an appeal to the LPDC and ask for special consideration.

The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) has completed the transition to an electronic license application process. This process allows users to complete an online license renewal application form and pay their fees using electronic payment (e.g. a credit card). No paper applications are accepted. Applying within the new system requires that each educator have a SAFE account and accurate, updated information in their Educator Profile.  See the documents and links below for specific directions and  information.

  • FAQs from the Ohio Department of Education about license renewal
  • Final Checklist - this should be attached as a summary sheet to the materials you submit to the LPDC for review when you are ready to renew your license. Materials submitted to the LPDC are expected to be well organized so that contact hours/CEUs can be easily verified.
  • ODE Online Application Process (specific directions for the ODE online application process)

For information about the LPDC contact either:

Mary Himmelein, Ed. D., Director of Human Resources & Professional Development
419.246.3135 or mhimmelein@esclakeeriewest.org

Elaine Robinson, Administrative Assistant
419.246.3079 or erobinson@esclakeeriewest.org

Members of the LPDC committee are:

  • Mary Himmelein, Chair
  • Stacy Brown
  • Jackie Burkey
  • Tom Naveaux
  • TBD

The Ohio Department of Education has created several resources which may be useful in creating an Individual Professional Development Plan and planning for appropriate professional development.

Ohio Standards for Professional Development  April 2015

Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession

Ohio Standards for Principals

Use the following chart to convert contact hours, semester hours, and quarter hours to CEUs.  18 CEUs are required for license renewal.

CEU Conversion Chart

Use the following chart to convert time spent to complete Safe Schools courses to CEUs. Also see the Safe Schools Summary Form under Forms to Document PD Activities.

Safe Schools Conversion Chart