District Services

By facilitating partnerships between educational stakeholders, the ESC of Lake Erie West helps administrators in our school districts share information, discuss solutions to common problems, and develop consortia to deal with common issues. Some examples of our current collaborative partnerships include:

  •     Master Teacher Consortium
  •     Resident Educator Consortium
  •     Area Superintendent Consortium
  •     Curriculum Director Consortium
  •     Special Education Director Consortium
  •     Technology Director Consortium

The ESC of Lake Erie West also helps the schools and school districts we serve offer specialized programming in a cost effective manner. All of these intervention and support services provide flexible staffing solutions to serve multiple schools and school districts under the direction of a single supervisor.

  •     Adapted Physical Education
  •     Alternate Learning Center
  •     Attendance Services
  •     Audiology
  •     Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services
  •     Early Childhood Program
  •     Gifted Education
  •     Interpreters
  •     Intervention Specialists
  •     Occupational Therapists
  •     Ongoing Education Program
  •     Parent Mentor
  •     Physical Therapists
  •     School Nurses
  •     School Psychologists
  •     Speech Language Pathologists
  •     Visually Impaired Services

Finally, School Improvement Consultants work with district teachers and curriculum directors to support professional development objectives in the areas of curriculum and assessment. Professional development services are offered to individual schools, school districts, and community schools based on individualized needs.